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29 March 2012 @ 03:54 pm
Fic: Boys of Summer {Part 1 of 3}  
Title Boys of Summer
Rating NC-17
Word Count 24,006
Summary AU where Kurt and Blaine are childhood friends because each summer, their families stay in neighboring lake cabins. The summer the boys are sixteen, the Andersons don't show, but the next year when Kurt and Blaine see each other, they've grown up quite a bit. They quickly discover they might be a little bit in love with one another. Good thing they have a long summer ahead of them and plenty of firsts to figure out together.
Notes A fill for this prompt. There's a minor spoiler for 3x15 (a character's name/who he is, that's it) and I should probably warn for predictable endings and cheesy reused dialogue. Thanks to ccmskatechick as always. Also, I'm whenidance on tumblr too if anyone wants to say hi.

Every summer, Kurt and Burt spent six or seven weeks at the lake without fail. Burt would hand the shop keys over to Brian and off they'd go. The cabin had been Kurt's grandparents on his mother's side, and it was she who started the family tradition of going every summer. Even the summer after she died, Burt had insisted they go - it would be good for both of them, he'd said.

He was right, as most dads are. Being at the lake was Kurt's favorite place on earth and it might have been because of their cabin neighbors, the Andersons. The Andersons had a son, Blaine, who was around Kurt's age. Blaine's older brother was a teenager when the two families met, and it wasn't long before he stopped coming less and less and then stopped all together aside from the Fourth of July weekend.

From the very first summer Kurt had met Blaine, when he was seven years old, the pair had been inseparable for the whole summer. Each summer after, they fell into an easy rhythm as if they'd never been apart. Kurt didn't have very many friends at school, but Blaine didn't seem to care that his voice was funny or he dressed up for their tea parties in the woods. He knew Blaine probably had other friends back home - he would mention names Kurt didn't know from time to time - but there was no doubt in Kurt's mind. Blaine was his best friend.

Kurt had realized for certain he was gay when he was in the ninth grade. He wouldn't tell anyone for almost another year, not even Blaine - especially Blaine, because that summer, the summer between his ninth and tenth grade years, he realized he might have a bit of a crush on his best friend.

It was stupid, he rationalized. Just because Blaine Anderson was the only guy who acted nice towards Kurt didn't mean he should fall in love with him.

It didn't help that thanks to puberty and the fact that Blaine's mom hadn't taken him clothes shopping yet for the upcoming school year, Blaine's tee shirts were fitting a little snugger. His chest was broader and his arms were growing actual muscles and Kurt had to school himself not to stare. Besides, he was pretty sure Blaine wasn't gay. If Blaine caught Kurt staring, he hadn't mentioned it. He really was the best friend ever.

Kurt's sophomore year was awful (it turns out kids can actually get crueler than what he'd experienced in middle school). Kurt's sophomore year was when he found glee club and Mercedes and Rachel and the rest of his so-called friends. It was when he finally decided to be true to who he was. It was when he made the epic mistake of falling for Finn.

Even though everything ended fine, Kurt looked forward to his time alone his dad and the Andersons. His only solace was the promise of his six weeks with Blaine - only the Andersons never showed that summer. Kurt tried every morning not to get his hopes up, and finally, after the first week, even his dad said, "Maybe they're not coming, kid."

He didn't realize he'd been that obvious.

He rode his bike into town a lot that summer, where there was a small library. He devoured most of the young adult section in attempts to not overthink in his head why they hadn't come. What if he'd done something? What if something had happened to them? It had just been six weeks of him and his father and peace and quiet and the questions in his head.

This year, his dad had tried to convince Kurt they should only go for a few weeks – Carole could only get two weeks off of work, and Finn had football camp at the beginning and end of the summer – but Kurt insisted on the full six weeks, especially after his dad’s heart attack. Relaxation was just what the doctor ordered. Kurt hoped his summer was relaxing as opposed to worrisome as it had been last year.

God, he really hoped Blaine would come this summer.

On the last day of his junior year, Mercedes finally talked him into getting a Facebook, so they could keep in contact all summer without running up their texting bills (the lake was notorious for bad cell service anyways). The first person he looked for after adding all of his glee club friends was Blaine.

He searched and saw Blaine's picture among the six Blaine Andersons the website search returned. He drew in a deep breath before clicking on the 'add friend' button. Blaine added him back almost instantly, and Kurt didn't hesitate before writing on his wall.

Hey! Coming to the lake this year? Missed you last summer!

Kurt made himself click away so he wouldn't keep refreshing the page for a response. A few hours later, he logged back on to find Blaine had responded.

Hi Kurt! Missed you too! I spent the summer with my brother in California. We'll be there this summer, though! See you soon!

Kurt couldn't help smiling to himself. His summer was looking up.

Blaine was thrilled when Kurt found him on Facebook. He'd searched for Kurt numerous times over the past year hoping to find him. After his 'accident,' his parents decided there was no use going to the lake, since his arm couldn't get wet in its cast. He'd spent the summer with Cooper, which is just what every young adult wants shortly after college graduation - their younger brother living with them. It had been good for Blaine, he knew, but he couldn't help worrying about Kurt. He'd even used Cooper's laptop to search for Mr. Hummel's car shop, but when he found the number, he realized Mr. Hummel wouldn't be there.

Luckily, his parents decided on going back to the lake this summer, which meant he'd see Kurt soon - and Kurt didn't seem mad at him for not being there last summer. He'd looked at Kurt's profile once he'd added him - it didn't have a lot filled out. Kurt must have just made it recently. He scrolled down to the 'interested in' section, which Kurt must have left blank, because it didn't say anything. Which - neither did Blaine's. Blaine would just have to muster up the courage to ask Kurt about it in person.

When Blaine and his parents finally arrived at the lake the following week, the Hummels had already arrived. Blaine threw his bags in his room and didn't waste any time racing next door. Mr. Hummel was sitting on the porch, reading a newspaper when he saw him approach. "Hey, Blaine! We missed you last year," he said, ruffling Blaine's hair as he took the porch steps two at a time. "Kurt's inside."

Kurt must have heard their exchange, because he was already moving through the hallway once Blaine was inside, the door swinging in the breeze behind him. "Hey, you," he said, grinning as Blaine practically tackled him into a hug. Kurt was taller than Blaine remembered - way taller - and when Kurt's arms wrapped around him, they were so much more solid than in summers past.

“Nice hair,” Blaine said, figuring that was common enough ground for him to comment on and not make either of them feel uncomfortable. Instead of his broad shoulders and chiseled jaw, and oh god, he just squeezed Blaine extra tight, palms splayed against his back, and what Blaine wouldn’t give to have those palms lower, lower – no, he had to stop this. Kurt’s hair really was nice, Blaine thought, redirecting his focus to the way it was swept off his face instead of hanging in his eyes like it had in the past – Blaine had always loved looking into Kurt’s eyes, even when they were kids. He always thought they held some sort of mystery.

“You too,” Kurt replied, snapping Blaine out of his inner monologue, “though I’ll always miss the curls.” Kurt ran a hand through Blaine’s gel-free mane to straighten what Mr. Hummel had messed up, using his fingers to pull the length out straight. Blaine tried not to groan at the contact of Kurt’s fingers tangled in his hair, trying to grip what was left of the curls.

Blaine was in trouble. Big trouble.

They spent the day wandering through the woods, not really paying attention to their surroundings as the conversation flowed freely. Two years was a long time to not see one another, and there was so much to catch up on. Kurt had been able to gather some of it from his Facebook stalking – well, it wasn’t exactly stalking if Blaine added him, right? – how he went to Dalton now, and was in glee club just like Kurt. He was amazed they hadn’t crossed paths at competitions.

It was early afternoon when Blaine suggested they stop for a bit, and they’d walked all the way around to the other side of the lake – Kurt hadn’t even realized. They walked down the dock and stared silently across the lake for a bit, their cabins tiny little dots on the horizon, and finally Blaine broke the silence by asking if he had a cell phone.

“Of course,” Kurt huffed, he didn’t know anyone without a cell phone – unless Blaine didn’t? “Why?”

Blaine held out his hand for it, Kurt pulling it from his pocket and placing it in his without question. “So I can put my number in it, silly. That way we don’t have any excuse to go two years without speaking again.” Kurt watched as Blaine fiddled with his phone, sucking in a breath as he did, as if Blaine was inputting something special, a promise, a secret – not just a phone number, for goodness’ sake, Kurt told himself.

“Okay, your phone has a nicer camera than mine,” Kurt heard Blaine say, and before he knew it, Blaine’s shoulder was shoved up against his, Blaine’s head tilted towards him, and his phone out in front. “Say cheese!”

“Nice,” Blaine said approvingly as he looked at the photo. He fiddled again and Kurt realized he was sending the photo to his own phone as he pulled it out of his pocket. “Perfect.” He handed Kurt back his phone, the picture still on his screen, and it actually wasn’t too bad. Kurt looked vaguely confused, but that was kind of a default look for him, and Blaine was grinning wide enough to show teeth, and his hair was just perfectly windblown, and – yeah. Kurt could approve as well.

“I think,” Blaine said slowly, looking out at the lake one more time, “I think I’m going to go for a dip. You want to come?”

Kurt just quirked an eyebrow, as if to say do these clothes really look like they’re made for swimming, and Blaine just laughed and added, “Thought I’d check. You don’t mind? I’m suddenly really hot.”

Kurt just shook his head, because if he opened his mouth surely something embarrassing like I know would come tumbling out and he busied himself with his phone so he wouldn’t stare when Blaine shed his shirt and shoes and jumped off the end of the dock like a crazy person.

Okay, so maybe he stared a little.

Kurt sat down on the end of the dock, letting his feet dangle over, as Blaine swam out towards the middle of the water. He paused at some point, turning to wave at Kurt, and Kurt waved back, having to bite down on the corner his lip so he wouldn’t full out grin. Even at the distance, Kurt couldn’t get over how grown up Blaine looked, all hard lines instead of soft curves, and okay, he had to at least work out a little for his arms to look like that. He wasn’t built or anything but they looked … strong. Strong enough to hold Kurt down flattened to the dock while he kissed him senseless.

Kurt used to think a touch of the fingertips was as sexy as it got. Today, he wasn’t so sure. Sure, he’d had a helpless crush two years ago, but being around Blaine now was different than he would have ever imagined. He had to get a handle on himself, because in the twenty minutes Blaine was in the water, his mind raced in a dozen different directions – he suddenly wanted to do things with Blaine he didn’t even know the names for.

It was silly. He hadn’t seen Blaine in two years, and he was this bad after a few hours? Kurt jumped in his own skin when Blaine called out he was coming back in, and Kurt stood up, walking away from the dock so Blaine could hoist himself out. Okay, yes, strong arms – check. Kurt had to physically look away as Blaine threw his red polo back on, because he was tan and beautiful and dripping wet, and Kurt was going to get hard in his jeans if he didn’t get it together.

“That was amazing,” Blaine breathed out as he caught up to Kurt. “I can’t believe you’re not burning up in those jeans!”

Kurt tried not to sputter when he replied, “Well, if I had known you were taking me on a five mile hike, I might have changed.”

Blaine turned to face him and stuck out his tongue in protest - stuck out his tongue - and Kurt tried not to think too hard about that for fear of ruining their rekindled friendship on their first day back together.

(Later that night, however, it was all he could think about, Blaine’s perfect tongue in his mouth, down his chest, everywhere as he shoved a hand down his pajama bottoms, fast and furious until he was gasping for air, trying to be as quiet as possible as the wind whistled through the screens of his open bedroom windows, as if Blaine could hear him all the way over in his bedroom in his own cabin next door.)

It was three days later when Kurt finally asked. They were sitting on the docks between their two cabins, Kurt cross-legged and facing Blaine, who sat leaning back on his hands with his legs straight in front of him, a citronella candle flickering in the lantern between them.

“So, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” Kurt started, almost unsure if he should ask, “but why didn’t you come last year? Why’d you visit your brother instead?”

“My arm was broken,” Blaine finally answered, after a few beats of staring up into the dark night sky. It was as if just he and Kurt existed in this moment, even though hundreds of feet away their parents were nestled inside. “I – my parents thought it would be useless to come when I couldn’t even do anything, cast and all.”

“Oh. Were you in a car accident or something?” Kurt asked, but from his tone, they both knew he wasn’t. It was nice Kurt was giving him an out anyways.

“No, I … I got beat up by some kids at school. It’s why I’m at Dalton now.” Blaine glanced over at Kurt, who looked vaguely sickened, like he couldn’t understand why someone would beat Blaine up, and Blaine knew he had to tell Kurt right then. “I got beat up because I went to a dance with one of my friends, and some guys didn’t like that … well, I guess because my friend was a guy.”

“Does that mean …” Kurt murmured, not looking him directly anymore.

“Yeah, I’m gay, Kurt.” A pause of silence followed that felt like an eternity. Kurt really wasn’t looking at him now. Blaine sighed. “I really hope I didn’t screw things up between us, Kurt. I still – I still hope we can be friends.” So much for more than friends, Blaine thought half-heartedly.

Kurt sat straight up and stared at Blaine. “Blaine, no, that’s not it at all - I’m – I’m gay too.” He gave Blaine a small smile and Blaine was embarrassed how quick the butterflies in his stomach started up and how fast they were fluttering. Kurt reached out for Blaine’s hand, interlacing them together next to the flickering lantern. Kurt’s hand was warm and firm and sure. “It’s just – I mean, I get a lot of shit at school, a lot, but I don’t think any of those idiots would actually try to hurt me. Well, not anymore, at least.” Blaine watched as Kurt shook his head, a story for another time, perhaps. “That’s awful, Blaine.”

“It was a long time ago,” Blaine said, squeezing Kurt’s hand and pulling it away – not because he wanted to, but if he didn’t, he’d want to keep his hand in Kurt’s all night, possibly forever, and the last thing he wanted was to come on too strong. “Thanks for listening, though.” As wonderful as Cooper had been last summer, Blaine couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like, telling Kurt a year ago just months after it had all happened.

“Always,” Kurt said with another smile before changing the subject to something a bit more lighthearted.

One would think knowing that Blaine was actually gay would make this whole hormone-ridden teenage bullshit easier.

The problem with it, however, was the possibility of what could be. There was palatable tension between them constantly it seemed, but Kurt never knew if he was the only one picking up on it. He figured he was, because from experience, sometimes Blaine’s mind raced so far ahead, it was hard for him to see what was right in front of him.

Over the next week, Kurt would catch Blaine staring at him from time to time, but he would just smile and act like nothing was wrong – he wouldn’t blush and avert his gaze like Kurt felt compelled to do each time he was caught. He couldn’t help it. Blaine was walking around all taut and wet and shirtless and distracting all the time. One day when Blaine pulled himself out of the lake, his swim trunks were slung low past his hipbones and Kurt was so hard, he had to excuse himself to the restroom to take care of things.

The cabins that flanked the lake were split into clusters – there was only one cabin aside from the Anderson’s and the Hummel’s in their cluster, owned by a little old couple who passed away a few years back. The cabin was still empty, which meant aside from Kurt, Blaine, and their parents, no one was around for miles.

While all five of them loved the idea of being at the lake, Blaine was the only one who truly enjoyed its use. Even as a kid, Blaine took to the lake like a fish to water, Kurt watching from the docks, joining him only once out of every five or six swims. This summer, however, Kurt seemed self-conscious for some reason (probably due to the fact that Blaine looked spectacular shirtless) and he hadn’t joined Blaine once. Kurt continued to head out to the docks with Blaine anyways, while their parents busied themselves in the cabins (Burt and Mr. Anderson read a lot, Mrs. Anderson had taken up knitting). He usually brought a magazine or two, he and Blaine still exchanging anecdotes from their time apart as he read. That Friday, it appeared Blaine had had enough.

Blaine swam over to the docks while Kurt paged through the latest Vogue. “We’ve been here almost two weeks, and you haven’t come swimming with me once,” he accused, reaching his arms out for Kurt’s legs dangling over the side.

“Don’t you dare, Blaine Anderson,” Kurt replied, jerking his legs away from Blaine’s wet arms. He was wearing shorts and a thin, long-sleeved tee (black with asymmetrical buttons – one of his favorites) and he was barefoot, but still, if Blaine wanted him to go swimming, he would bite the bullet and make use of his swim trunks. Blaine grabbed for his feet again and Kurt squealed, attempting to stand up but losing his footing instead, tumbling straight into the lake, Vogue in hand.

When he came up for air, Blaine was laughing at him, full no-stop cackling. “I hate you,” Kurt sputtered, shaking the water from his face and swimming back towards the docks.

“You love me and you know it!” Blaine proclaimed, still grinning, and yeah, Kurt wasn’t touching that with a ten foot pole. He hoisted himself onto the dock and shivered – how was the lake still so cold when it was the end of June? He tried to wring the water from his clothes and finally gave up, retreating to his cabin without a single word to Blaine and the Vogue floating beside him.

Blaine appeared on Kurt’s doorstep after dinner, brandishing a brand new Vogue and a bag of marshmallows, another bag filled with supplies thrown over his shoulder.

“Since when does the convenience store in town sell Vogue?” Kurt drawled as a greeting, but the corners of his mouth were turning up slightly, so Blaine figured he couldn’t be too mad. Blaine thought he knew Kurt well enough to not harbor a grudge towards him for long, but Blaine figured an apology wouldn't hurt.

“It was the only copy,” Blaine said proudly, passing it to him. “My parents wouldn’t let me take the car, so I rode my bike. I hadn’t ridden it in years. Sorry for making you fall in the lake,” he said, wincing a little as the words left his mouth.

“Well, apology accepted,” Kurt finally replied, setting the Vogue down on the table inside the door and calling to his dad that he was going out. “You need me to grab anything?” he asked, motioning to the marshmallows.

Blaine shook his head as he started down the porch steps. “I’ve got it all taken care of!” They headed to their usual campfire spot and Blaine gathered wood as Kurt got a bucket of water from the lake and laid out the blanket. As Blaine struck the match for the kindling, the memory of their first campfire without adult supervision flashed in his mind. “Try not to light yourself on fire this time, alright?” he said with a wink as Kurt returned with the water.

“That was seven years ago, Blaine,” Kurt scoffed, settling down on the blanket – still a decent distance away, perhaps he was actually taking Blaine seriously. When they were ten, Kurt accidentally got a little too close to the flames and the hem of his shirt caught on fire. Blaine had doused him with water before he burned his skin, and they snuck back into their houses without even telling their parents for fear of having their new privilege taken away. “I still had that shirt when we moved last year,” Kurt mused as he prepared two sticks for the marshmallows. “Shoved in the back of my closet, even though it was destroyed.”

Blaine was amazed he’d kept it all these years, but said nothing, climbing onto the blanket with him. He saw Kurt shiver slightly out of the corner of his eye even though he was wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans. “You’re cold,” he commented as he popped open the bag of marshmallows, and it was cooler than he expected.

“I should have known when the human heater showed up wearing a jacket,” Kurt teased lightly, handing him a stick. Blaine took it and looked down at his own lightweight jacket – he was only wearing a Dalton tee underneath, but he’d be fine.

“Here,” Blaine said, offering it to him after he’d shrugged it off. Kurt tried to protest and Blaine just shook his head. Blaine watched as Kurt put it on – it was sized for someone of Blaine’s stature and Blaine’s breath hitched at the sight of his jacket pulling against Kurt’s shoulders. He’d just about died earlier when Kurt got out of the lake, his thin tee dripping wet and leaving nothing to the imagination. He’d tried to lie to himself, saying that he just wanted Kurt to come swimming for fun, but after that he couldn’t deny it anymore – he would get Kurt into a bathing suit this summer if it was the last thing he did.

Blaine scooted closer to Kurt on the blanket - for warmth (mostly) - close enough so that their thighs were touching. Kurt smiled at the gesture and passed Blaine his own stick. "Give me some sugar, Anderson."

Blaine grinned back and stuck two marshmallows on the twig. Was Kurt flirting with him? That definitely sounded flirty. Blaine tried to think of a witty comeback, but finally decided you can have all the sugar you want from me, Hummel was not the vibe he was going for. He wordlessly passed Kurt his marshmallows and loaded his own before sticking them over the blaze. They watched the fire crackle under the marshmallows for what felt like an eternity, and Blaine had to say something, anything to fill the silence. He turned his twig in his hand, and cursed under his breath when he saw he'd already charred one side of them.

Kurt laughed at the expression on his face. "I don't know why you're so shocked, Blaine - you always put your first ones too close to the flame." Kurt rolled his own marshmallows, which were a perfect lightly toasted brown.

Blaine frowned, blowing on his to cool them enough to eat. He finally popped one in his mouth, which was fantastic, but yeah - burnt. "You should give me one of your perfect ones," Blaine complained as he ate his second.

Kurt finished swallowing before turning to Blaine, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. "If you want it, you better come and get it," he said, holding his stick over his head, as far away from Blaine as he possibly could.

Oh, it was on. Blaine pounced on Kurt, practically knocking him to the ground and wrestling with him for the marshmallow. Kurt squirmed underneath him, trying to get away, chuckling at the look of determination on Blaine's face. Blaine shifted on his knees to grasp at Kurt's wrist, and in the process, his calf brushed against Kurt's thighs and then higher and - was that Kurt's ... it was, and he wasn't hard, but he was in that in between stage where he was definitely showing interest and was that all because of Blaine? Blaine could see the moment in Kurt's face when he realized that Blaine realized and he was about two seconds away from freaking out - so Blaine decided this was his moment. Go big or go home.

Blaine moved forward, feeling Kurt breathe in sharply just before their lips touched. Blaine leaned into the kiss, tasting the sweet and smoky residue of the marshmallow on Kurt's lips, trying not to groan as Kurt's fingers tightened his grip around Blaine's bicep where he had been pushing Blaine away just seconds before. Instead, it was keeping him close, warm, firm, almost inviting.

The cackling of the fire and the wind whipping through the trees and all of the other sounds that surrounded them seemed to fade away. All Blaine could hear was the familiar thump thump of his heart - it seemed as if his heart had leapt into his head, because the sound grew so intense. Kurt finally pulled back to take a breath, and Blaine could tell he was trying not to laugh at how Blaine had instinctively leaned further, following Kurt's lips. "Sorry," he said, bowing his head and laughing bashfully at himself.

"No you're not," Kurt whispered, smirking at him. "How long have you wanted to do that?" he asked, his voice a little breathless, a little broken, and Blaine couldn't believe he was the cause of that.

"Way longer than two weeks," Blaine admitted, and it was Kurt's turn to look bashful, turning his head a bit as if he couldn't believe Blaine's words. Blaine noticed the discarded marshmallow dropped above Kurt's shoulder, now covered in dirt and leaves - and it was definitely worth the sacrifice.

Kurt shifted underneath him and Blaine’s focus returned to Kurt’s face. The bashful look was gone, replaced with something darker swimming just underneath the surface. "I hope after all that time it didn't disappoint," Kurt whispered, fisting his hands in Blaine's shirt and crashing their lips together again, opening his mouth for Blaine, which was warm and wet and wonderful. Their tongues moved against each other, exploring and searching and when Kurt sucked slightly on Blaine's, he couldn't help but groan into Kurt's mouth. Kurt rewarded him by repeating the action, this time a little more forcefully, and Blaine fought the urge to groan again. Kurt finally pulled back again, looking happy, so happy, and almost a little haughty.

"What?" Blaine asked, cocking his head and knowing he was looking pretty happy himself.

"If we weren't both so stupid, we could have done that a week and a half ago and saved us both some frustration," he replied. His voice was practically giddy with the excitement of everything that had happened in the past few minutes.

"I could try to make that up to you," Blaine said, and the words were barely out of his mouth before Kurt was yanking Blaine down next to him on the blanket, and the next thing Blaine knew was that he lost track of time and space, because the only thing that mattered was Kurt's mouth against his. When they walked back to the cabins much, much later, Blaine felt lucky they hadn't set anything on fire this time.

Over the weekend, it was as if their parents could sense that something had changed between them - they were ever present. Saturday, Burt had to go into town for a grocery store run, and he knew Kurt would never, ever allow him to restock the pantry without him. Blaine had tagged along, and then the three of them cooked dinner together and invited Blaine's parents. Sunday, Mr. Anderson had a sudden urge to take their small boat out for a spin, and the three of them spent the whole day out on the lake.

By Monday, Kurt was about to plead insanity, surviving on only a few brief, stolen kisses between him and Blaine since Friday night. When Mrs. Anderson offered to take the boys into town for lunch, they had reluctantly agreed. When she ran inside the cabin to grab her purse, Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand and whispered in his ear. "Don't worry, I have a plan for tomorrow."

Blaine texted him late that night, after he was already in bed. Picnic tomorrow. Wear your swimsuit and bring your almond chicken salad.

Kurt was amazed he hadn't thought of it sooner. He and Blaine had been on picnics summer after summer, and there was one secluded place about two miles north that was their secret spot. They'd never, ever seen anyone there, and it was a bit closed off from the rest of the lake. You're a genius, Kurt texted back before drifting off to sleep.

Since it was something they'd done in the past, Burt wasn't suspicious one bit - but Kurt had left him half the chicken salad just in case. Kurt met Blaine outside a little after ten, and once they were far enough away from the cabins, Blaine reached for Kurt's hand to still him, leaning in to kiss Kurt quick and messy and a little desperate. "Sorry," he said at the sight of Kurt's quirked eyebrow when they parted (not that he minded one bit). "I've wanted to do that since Saturday."

“Have you, now?” Kurt asked as he started walking, not letting go of Blaine’s hand. He was shocked at how cool and calm his voice came out – his heart was beating at rapid speed, making him feel anything but.

Blaine tripped over his words as he tried to formulate an answer and a laugh escaped from Kurt’s lips. Flustered was kind of an adorable look on Blaine. “Hey,” he protested, finally finding his voice.

“It’s a good thing you’re cute,” Kurt teased, pausing to give Blaine a quick kiss, partially to make him feel better, but mostly just because he could.

“I came here a lot last summer,” Kurt mentioned when they finally reached their destination. Blaine set to work laying out their blanket, taking the cooler from Kurt and sitting down to organize everything.

“I wish I was here for it,” Blaine said a little wistfully, and Kurt wasn’t having any of that. He sat down on the blanket next to Blaine and nudged his shoulder with his own.

“I know,” he replied simply, locking eyes with Blaine for a moment. Blaine finally smiled and Kurt continued. “So, should we swim before we eat? So no one gets sick on my watch?”

“Old wives’ tale,” Blaine teased, sticking his tongue out at Kurt (and he really had to stop that) and pulling off his tee shirt. He was already wearing his swim trunks, so he was ready to go after shedding his flip flops. Kurt tried not to stare, even though it was probably kosher now that they were … whatever they were, friends turned makeout buddies for the summer.

Kurt’s preparations for swimming were a bit more complex, due to the layers he’d worn. He unbuttoned his shorts, folding them neatly and laying them on his shoes. He could see Blaine watching him out of the corner of his eye and tried not to let it get to him. He thought he looked decent in the swim trunks he found with Mercedes and Rachel a few weeks back – plain matte black, and not as baggy or long as the board shorts Blaine tended to wear, but not fitted either. He unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off, folding it as well, and before he could turn back around, he heard the harsh whisper of oh my god come from Blaine’s general direction.

Kurt quickly looked down at himself to make sure he hadn’t done something stupid, but when he finally glanced at Blaine’s face, he realized that Blaine was staring at him like he was the only glass of water in the desert. Oh.

“I changed my mind,” Blaine said, clutching at Kurt’s hands and dragging him down on the blanket. Kurt stared at him curiously – changed his mind about what? “I don’t want to go swimming yet, there’s something I want to do first,” he clarified. Kurt settled on his knees across from Blaine, who was still gripping his hands and staring - which should have made Kurt feel nervous since the look on Blaine’s face wasn’t the same look he always used for Kurt. Friendly, affectionate, maybe smitten – that was how Kurt would describe the way Blaine looked at him over the past few weeks, but this - this was pure desire and want and almost a bit possessive, and most surprising of all: Kurt was turned on by it.

“Sorry,” Blaine said after realizing he’d been wordlessly staring for quite a while. “It’s just – you’re perfect, Kurt.”

Kurt resisted the urge to roll his eyes or laugh or use any number of his many coping mechanisms for dealing with people – because this was Blaine. “No one’s perfect, Blaine,” he mumbled, feeling himself blush at Blaine’s praise. He knew if someone asked him if Blaine was perfect, he’d be hard pressed to disagree, but still. He let out a shaky breath and pushed his hair back off his face. “It’s okay, you’ve been running around here shirtless for practically the whole two weeks you’ve been here, and I’ve had plenty of time to work out my frustrations with your perfection in private.” After he said it, he realized how his words came out – he hadn’t meant he’d been jerking off, even though he totally had which just made things worse, and it was Blaine’s turn to look utterly turned on by this turn of events. “That’s not – I mean –“ he stammered, trying to explain but Blaine cut him off.

“Did you really?” he asked, eyes wide with amazement, and what was it about Blaine that made Kurt want to tell him everything?

“Just because it happened, Blaine, doesn’t mean I want to talk about it,” Kurt huffed, feeling his cheeks heat up even more, and that was a good compromise, right?

“Oh,” Blaine quickly replied, almost nervous that he’d made Kurt uncomfortable. “I didn’t mean – that’s just really hot Kurt, I was just – I wish you’d tell me what you thought about, was all.”

Kurt drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He could do this – this was Blaine, his best friend, of all things. His incredibly hot best friend that he might be just a little bit in love with and at the very least was wonderful to make out with. “I don’t think I can tell you,” Kurt said quietly, and he almost felt a little bad at the way Blaine’s face fell with disappointment. “I could show you, though, if that’s okay.”

“That’s definitely okay,” Blaine said, his voice trailing high at the tail end of his sentence. Kurt crawled further across the blanket, mirroring Blaine’s cross-legged position and leaned forward, placing a hand on Blaine’s shoulder. Kurt had a momentary bout of panic – he really had no idea what he was doing. Just shut up and kiss him, he told himself and that he knew how to do.

So, he did. Light and feather-soft at first, until Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt’s neck and pulled him even closer still. They’d done this before just a few days ago, but that was next to the glow of a campfire with too many layers – this was harsh sunlight and bare skin and thin swim trunks, which felt entirely different. Kurt let his hands wander as they kissed – down Blaine’s arms and back, outlining each hard muscle he’d admired over the past few weeks. Blaine would make a noise whenever he hit a particularly sensitive spot, a little whine or gasp that Kurt swallowed down with his kisses, and Kurt tried to commit them to memory, because he had the sudden urge to replace his fingers with his mouth.

“Can I …” Kurt started when he just couldn’t wait a moment longer, but he stopped, unsure how to ask.

“What, Kurt? Anything,” Blaine said quickly, resting a hand on Kurt’s knee where it was brushing up against his own and squeezing.

Kurt sucked in a deep breath. “I want to kiss you places other than your lips,” he said, feeling bashful all the sudden. “Is – is that okay?”

Yeah,” Blaine answered quickly, nodding his head vigorously, and Blaine’s enthusiasm squashed any nerves Kurt had left – it was kind of adorable. “Like where?” Blaine whispered, watching carefully as Kurt prepared to make his move.

“Like here.” Kurt lightly pressed a fingertip to Blaine’s collarbone, right between his neck and shoulder, gently pressing his lips to the spot after. Blaine’s skin was warm from the sun smelled like artificial coconut from his sunscreen, coconut mixed pure boy, and when did Kurt get so lucky? “And here,” he continued, moving his lips to his Adam’s apple, “and here,” up to a freckle on his neck, “and here,” the very tip of his chin. Eventually, Kurt stopped asking, Blaine’s harsh breathing egging him on, and before he knew it, he was inexplicably in Blaine’s lap, mouthing down his chest as Blaine’s arms wrapped around his waist.

Kurt felt brave enough to softly lick over Blaine’s left nipple, and Blaine’s hips jerked so quickly off the blanket, they almost threw Kurt from his position. “Kurt,” Blaine whined as he removed his mouth from Blaine’s skin, but it was back on him almost instantly after pushing him backwards until he was leaning on his arms for a more stable position. He repositioned his legs until he was straddling Blaine, and when he leaned down to pay attention to Blaine’s nipple once more, they shifted, and Kurt could feel Blaine hard against his thigh. I did that, he thought, a little awestruck. He shifted again, so their hips slotted just right, and they both stilled as their cocks brushed.

Kurt picked up his head from where it was close to resting against Blaine’s chest, and Blaine was just as wide-eyed and amazed as he was. Blaine moved his hands down to Kurt’s hips, holding him steady as his own rolled up against him and – oh, god. “Fuck,” Blaine swore under his breath, and in all the years he’d known Blaine, Kurt had never heard him swear – not even when he fell out of one of the trees in front of the cabins when they were twelve and Kurt was convinced Blaine had broken his back (in reality, the wind had just been knocked out of him). It was foreign to Kurt, which made it so much hotter. Just another thing he was sharing with Blaine that no one else knew.

Kurt hesitantly moved against Blaine, grinding down against him, and a moan escaped his lips at the sensation. He had never been so turned on in his life, and he had a fleeting thought of stopping to talk about everything, but everything felt so good, and Blaine’s hands were around his neck guiding him down again so their lips could meet. They rocked together for a few brief moments, their kisses becoming more and more erratic, and finally, Blaine gripped at Kurt’s arm hard and stopped moving. “Everything okay?” Kurt asked, suddenly worried that he’d done something wrong.

“Yeah - yes,” Blaine blurted out, clutching at Kurt’s arm even harder. “It’s just – maybe we should cool down?”

Kurt blinked momentarily, processing his words. “Yeah, of course,” he replied, grinning a little to let Blaine know it he was okay as he climbed out of Blaine’s lap and laid down next to him on the blanket. This was all so new for them and they had all summer - they didn’t need to do everything right this second.

“Thanks,” Blaine murmured after a few moments of them basking in the sun as they tried to get their breathing under control. Blaine turned to face Kurt, brushing his hair out of his face, running his thumb down Kurt’s cheek before kissing him just once, soft and chaste.

“Thank you,” Kurt whispered back, no longer wound up so tight he could barely think without the possibility of pushing himself over the edge. The sun was warm on his skin and he felt sated and content, like he could lay there all day with Blaine right beside him. Blaine had other plans, it seemed.

“Still want to go for a swim?” Blaine asked and Kurt burst out laughing.

At Blaine’s questioning expression, he said, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever been thankful for the lake water being so chilly.” Blaine laughed along with him before getting up and running into the water, Kurt chasing after him. Only Blaine Anderson would get Kurt to rush into freezing water with him and it finally occurred to him – he would follow Blaine anywhere.

Part 2
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