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29 March 2012 @ 03:57 pm
Fic: Boys of Summer {Part 2 of 3}  
Title Boys of Summer
Rating NC-17
Summary AU where Kurt and Blaine are childhood friends because each summer, their families stay in neighboring lake cabins. The summer the boys are sixteen, the Andersons don't show, but the next year when Kurt and Blaine see each other, they've grown up quite a bit. They quickly discover they might be a little bit in love with one another. Good thing they have a long summer ahead of them and plenty of firsts to figure out together.

Over the next few days, Blaine was in a constant state of joy. His days were spent with Kurt, doing all of the things they’d normally do, but with the addition of heated make out sessions followed by brief periods of cooling off. It was hard to keep their hands to each other when they were alone, and Blaine knew it probably wouldn’t be long before they were caught.

They’d intended to tell their parents, but then something shocking occurred to them – what if their parents suddenly started watching their every move? It had taken years and years of earning their parents’ trust to go off on their own every day, and while they hadn’t always been perfect (setting themselves on fire and falling out of trees were the least of their mischief), they’d always had an unspoken rule about limiting oversharing with their parents and therefore, avoiding subsequent freak outs.

So, this was no exception.

It proved useful that Friday, when Blaine stumbled out of his room, still a bit bleary from sleep, to his mom sitting at their round wooden kitchen table, her face drawn. “Everything okay?” he asked as he went about pouring his cereal.

“Your Aunt Maggie died,” she said simply. “We have to go to Connecticut for a few days.” Blaine’s Aunt Maggie was really his mother’s aunt, and she’d always been a little off the whole time Blaine was alive. Cooper was old enough to have fond memories of her when she was younger, but Blaine hadn’t had the pleasure.

Blaine stopped making his breakfast and walked over to his mother, hugging her tightly. She’d been close to Aunt Maggie. “I’m sorry, Mom.”

“It’s okay, honey, she was old,” she said, kissing his forehead, and Blaine could tell she’d been crying earlier. “Cooper is going to meet us there, but I was thinking – you didn’t know Maggie all that well, and you’re seventeen, you’re practically a grown up, I’m still not quite sure when that happened.” She cupped his face with her hand for a moment, looking at him as if he’d gone to bed a ten year old and magically woke up seventeen. “You’ve just been so happy the whole time we’ve been here.”

Blaine tried to keep his cool at that comment, not wanting to give away the source of his newfound happiness. “Of course I have, Mom, you know I love it here.” Blaine waited for her to continue, because he wasn’t following her line of thinking. It was far too early and he needed some coffee in him.

She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts and spoke. “I know Finn and his mom get here today, and you’ve been excited to meet them. We leave you at home alone all the time, what’s the difference here? Mr. Hummel will keep an eye out for you, and you’ve never gotten into any trouble out here, Blaine.”

Blaine couldn’t believe his ears. His parents were letting him stay. His parents were letting him stay alone in the empty cabin.

Blaine’s face must have said it all, because his mother started to chuckle. “Just don’t do anything too stupid, okay? We’ll be back Wednesday night.”

His parents’ flight left out of Cincinnati that afternoon, and they’d already packed while Blaine slept. Blaine quickly showered and dressed before helping them load up his mother’s SUV. They’d already talked to Kurt’s father in the meantime, and he must have relayed the message to Kurt. Kurt appeared carside as Blaine was loading the trunk, offering his parents condolences. “Keep an eye on Blaine, okay Kurt? You were always the more rational one.”

Blaine shot them both a look – he was plenty rational – and they both laughed at him, Kurt even adding in a wink for good measure. “We’ll take good care of him, Mrs. Anderson.”

Blaine hugged his parents one last time and he and Kurt waved from the driveway as they drove off. “I can be rational,” Blaine said once he couldn’t see the taillights of the SUV anymore.

Kurt clucked his tongue and turned towards him. “I was hoping maybe you’d show me the irrational side of you later, but if you insist.” Kurt smirked at him, and headed towards his own cabin.

The rest of the day was kind of a blur, and Blaine was so thrilled his parents let him stay. He helped Burt and Kurt clean up the cabin a bit for Carole and Finn’s arrival, Kurt telling Blaine stories of the pair to help him get to know them before they’d even arrived. Kurt had talked about them quite a bit their first week back, when they were getting reacquainted – and it still amazed Blaine that in the two years since he’d seen Kurt, his family had doubled in size.

Carole and Finn were warm and comforting towards him once they arrived, and it was almost as if he was part of this little family, at least for the next few days. The chatter between the five of them was constant, Kurt and Blaine showing Carole and Finn around, throwing in stories of their own, and Burt suggested they all go into town for a food restock and supper at the diner. They ended the night with a campfire, Blaine teaching Finn how to prepare a twig for marshmallows, and the whole time, Blaine had to actively try to keep his mind out of the gutter, seeing as the last time they’d done this, he was more interested in Kurt’s lips than the actual fire.

They finally put out the fire around eleven, everyone weary from the day’s excitement. Kurt announced he was walking Blaine back to his cabin, and they’d shared a passionate goodnight kiss before Kurt decided he should head back.

Blaine’s mom was right, he’d been left at home alone plenty of times, but being alone in the cabin was somehow different. He went about his nightly routine, collapsing into bed and tossing and turning until after midnight. He finally gave up and went for his phone, checking to see if he had any messages. He sent a quick text to Kurt, even though he was sure he was already asleep. can’t sleep.

To his surprise, Kurt texted right back. me either. I know I should be tired after everything today, but I’m not. Before Blaine could formulate a response, another one came. is it weird being there alone?

yeah, Blaine texted back. I mean, I’m not scared or anything, even though it’s a creeky old cabin, but it’s weird.

oh darn. I was going to offer to come keep you company if you were scared, but since you aren’t. ;)

Blaine could feel his heartbeat speeding up. He knew it was inevitable that Kurt would come over at some point before his parents got back, but he had no idea it would happen so soon. I could be scared, he replied. though aren’t the kids sneaking around making out always the first to go in horror movies?

wanna tempt fate anyways?

I’ll be at the front door

Blaine bolted out of bed, half wondering if he should throw on a tee shirt – he normally slept in just his underwear since the cabin AC was put in most of them as an afterthought and kind of spotty – but he figured his boxers weren’t all that more revealing than his swim trunks.

Or maybe he just didn’t care.

Blaine made sure not to turn on any lights, because they’d stand out against the pure blackness of the woods surrounding them and he didn’t want to wake up Burt or Carole and have them wondering, worrying. He peeked out the front door, finally seeing Kurt bounding towards him, the steady beam of the flashlight the only thing alerting Blaine to his movements. “Hey,” Blaine whispered as he pulled Kurt in through the front door of the cabin. Kurt was only wearing a thin, short sleeved undershirt and boxers himself.

“Hi,” Kurt responded, a silly grin plastered across his face as he shut the door behind him. He slipped off his shoes and left them by the front door, following Blaine down the hallway to his room. “I don’t know how much sleeping we’ll get done if I’m here,” he said as they flopped down onto the bed, and Blaine laughed, pulling Kurt up towards the pillows with him.

“I’m okay with that,” Blaine breathed out, climbing over Kurt, who was lying flat against the pillows, and leaning down to kiss him, open mouthed and tongue searching. Kurt whined at the intensity of it – they usually didn’t start out fast and frantic, but it was if a fire had been lit inside of him, slowly burning since the campfire earlier, and starting to grow out of control as the result of Kurt’s texts. Blaine wanted, he’d never wanted anything so bad before in his life – Kurt writhing underneath him from his touch (or over him, Blaine wasn’t picky), hard bodies rocking together with only each other’s pleasure in mind.

He’d thought about things like this before, sure, but without any experience, they were all sort of abstract visions in his mind, but now he knew – he knew what it felt like to kiss Kurt, have the touch of Kurt hard against him, taste Kurt’s salty skin under his tongue – and he didn’t want to stop this time. He wanted to see what Kurt looked like when he came – in his bed, no less – under the steady wash of moonlight streaming in through the window.

Blaine let his mouth stray from Kurt’s, kissing up his jaw and sucking lightly on his earlobe (the other day, Blaine realized that little movement drove Kurt crazy), and Kurt’s hips lifted off the bed towards Blaine to search for friction. “Blaine, Blaine,” Kurt panted as he kissed up the shell of Kurt’s ear, his body just far enough away that Kurt couldn’t get any of the friction he was searching for. Blaine hated to tease, but he also loved seeing Kurt like this. Blaine’s perfect, dignified Kurt falling apart at his every touch. “Blaine, please,” Kurt whined, his nails digging into Blaine’s skin where he was gripping Blaine’s arms.

“Tell me what you want, Kurt,” Blaine whispered in his ear, and Kurt shivered underneath him at his words.

“Please touch me,” Kurt begged, his hips bucking again, frantic and urgent, and even when their make out sessions had gotten heated, Blaine had never seen Kurt like this, utterly debauched.

Blaine trailed a hand down Kurt’s side – they hadn’t even waited to toss his shirt, but Blaine couldn’t feel too awful about that, because he was about to touch Kurt’s dick, priorities – and then further down, resting at Kurt’s hip to steady him. He heard Kurt suck in a fortifying breath, and then Blaine moved his hand from Kurt’s hip to cup him through his boxers. Kurt let out the breath he was holding when Blaine did, arching his back against him. “Okay?” Blaine asked, even though he hadn’t even done anything yet.

Kurt nodded, still gripping the arm that was keeping Blaine propped up, and Blaine removed his other hand momentarily to pull down Kurt’s boxers, watching in awe as Kurt’s cock bobbed back towards his stomach once the boxers were down around Kurt’s thighs. It was dark, but Blaine could make out lines and shadows in the moonlight, and there was no question about it – Kurt was simply stunning.

He wrapped his hand around Kurt’s cock, feeling the weight of it in his hand and moving slowly down the length. He kept his grip loose at first, getting used to everything seeming backwards, torn between watching what his hand was doing and Kurt’s blissed expression, the rise and fall of his chest. It was too dark to have much of a view regardless, so he fed off Kurt’s movements, increasing pressure and speed when Kurt began shakily thrusting through Blaine’s fist. Blaine knew this would be better with lube, but it was all the way in his bathroom since his bedroom was missing a nightstand, and he couldn’t wait that long (he was pretty sure Kurt couldn’t either).

Blaine quickly brought his palm to his mouth and licked, figuring it was better than nothing, especially when he flattened his palm against the head of Kurt’s cock, rubbing the little bit of precome down his length. Kurt groaned, staring at Blaine the whole time and muttering something that sounded suspiciously like why are you so damn hot? followed by kiss me, which Blaine obliged, leaning forward to kiss him while his hand continued to fist at Kurt’s cock. Their kisses were sloppy and off center because of the rapid movement, but Blaine could hear Kurt’s breath becoming more and more erratic, so he must have been close.

“Blaine,” Kurt cried out brokenly, his nails making half-moons in Blaine’s skin where he was still grasping at Blaine’s free arm, and Blaine could feel it in his grip, how close he was, how much he wanted to let go.

“Come on Kurt, I’m right here, please,” Blaine rambled, his eyes trained on Kurt as he threw his head back and tensed under Blaine’s hand. Blaine pumped him through his orgasm the way he liked himself, feeling Kurt’s cock pulse and the wet-sticky-hot between them, but not being able to tear his eyes away from Kurt’s face.

“Okay, okay,” Kurt finally said with a shaky laugh, pulling away from Blaine, and Blaine apologized, a bit shy when he realized Kurt had gotten to the point of oversensitivity. Kurt let out a blissful sigh and Blaine wiped his hands on the sheets before leaning down to kiss Kurt once more. Kurt hummed against Blaine’s lips before whispering, “Can I touch you now?”

“Yeah,” Blaine exhaled, letting Kurt push him down against the pillows and reverse their position. “I’m not – that was really hot, Kurt, I’m probably going to come the second you touch me.”

“I won’t hold it against you,” Kurt replied, tugging down Blaine’s boxers. “If you came first, I’m sure I’d feel the same way.”

Blaine was right, lasting long wasn’t possible thanks to Kurt’s tongue in his mouth and the quick movements of Kurt’s hand, and by the fifth stroke, Blaine was coming hard and fast with Kurt’s name on his lips. Funny how after that, with Kurt beside him still, Blaine had no trouble drifting off to sleep.

Kurt woke up late on Tuesday, his bedside clock showing after ten when he finally glanced at it. He fell back against the pillows, trying to wake himself up while simultaneously trying to figure out why he’d slept so late and then it hit him – it was raining. Kurt shut his eyes once more and grinned, breathing in deeply. He knew most people thought he was crazy, but rainy days at the lake were some of Kurt’s favorite. The soft pitter-patter of the rain outside made everything cozy, and the scent of the rainwater rising off the lake was one Kurt wished he could bottle.

As he relaxed in his bed, breathing in the outside air from his cracked window, he realized something else – a rainy day also gave him an excuse to head over to Blaine’s, curl up, and watch movies.


He and Blaine had it all sorted before Kurt even left his room. Kurt showered and dressed, grabbing breakfast in the kitchen where Finn was already seated at the table, Carole making pancakes. After they exchanged good mornings and Kurt sat down to a stack of his own pancakes, he announced he was going over to Blaine’s to watch movies for the day. It was a perfectly good excuse – thanks to the getting away nature the lake provided, each cabin only had one TV set and he and Finn rarely shared movie tastes. “You’re more than welcome to come, Finn, but I won’t take it personally if you want to stay here and watch baseball or whatever you guys want with Dad,” Kurt said, waving the stack of DVDs in Finn’s direction.

Finn took one look at the musical titles and his eyes grew wide. “Dude, is that alright? Rachel’s made me watch each of those like, ten times each. Blaine won’t be mad I’m ditching you guys, right?”

Kurt bit the inside of his cheek to keep from grinning. He had a feeling Blaine wouldn’t mind at all. “I’m sure he’ll understand, Finn. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.” It was kind of adorable that Finn was worried about what Blaine would think.

Kurt put on his rain boots and grabbed an umbrella from the stand on the way out, trying to get to Blaine’s house as dry as possible. He left his boots and umbrella outside on the porch, dropping the DVDs on the entry table when he saw Blaine in the hallway. Blaine didn’t waste any time confirming that forgetting the DVDs was an excellent idea. “Your clothes got wet on the way over,” Blaine murmured in Kurt’s ear as his fingers set to work unbuttoning his shirt. “We should get you out of them so I can warm you up. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

Kurt’s eyes grew wide, but he played along, letting Blaine undress him as they made their way to his room, leaving a trail of clothes in their wake like characters in one of the stupid romantic comedies Mercedes always made Kurt watch. Kurt followed suit with Blaine’s clothes and by the time they made it to Blaine’s room, they were both down to just their underwear.

Kurt had snuck over to Blaine’s almost every night since his parents had been gone. It had been wonderful - but it also had been dark and rushed, the thrill of possibly getting caught hanging in the air (even though, Kurt knew chances were actually fairly slim that his dad or Carole would wake up and notice him missing). They had hours ahead of them at their disposal for a change, and once Blaine’s parents returned the next day, who knew when they’d have the luxury again?

“What are you thinking about?” Blaine asked as he guided Kurt to the bed, Blaine’s face schooled to that blank one he sometimes used, the one where he was secretly worrying and trying not to let it show.

Kurt didn’t realize he’d been that obvious.

“Nothing!” Kurt quickly said, not wanting Blaine to think – well, any of the awful things that sprung to his mind, the ones he pushed quickly away. “I was just – I told my dad we’d be back at dinner, which means we have plenty of time. It’ll just be nice not to rush.”

“Mmm,” Blaine said, relaxing a bit and mouthing at Kurt’s neck as they settled across from each other on the bed. “That will be nice.”

“It’s also nice to be able to see you for once,” Kurt added, letting out a shaky laugh just as Blaine’s mouth trailed up to the sensitive spot behind his ear. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but the light coming through the window was significantly brighter than what they were used to at night with the moon, even though it was pouring rain outside.

Blaine’s lips stilled and he squeezed his hands on either side of Kurt’s chest. “Wait right here, I have an idea.” His feet hit the hardwood floor with a thump and he raced out the door, leaving Kurt bewildered on the bed.

Kurt rolled so he was on his back and propped himself up on his elbows, waiting for Blaine to reappear in the doorway. When he did, he was carrying every single citronella candle that the Andersons owned and a lighter. He set them on the small table in the corner of the bedroom that he used as a desk, dragging it over closer to the bed and lighting all of them. “Better?” he asked, crawling back in the bed and grinning.

“Perfect,” Kurt replied, because the candlelight did make things brighter, and Mrs. Anderson had enough sense to buy nicely scented ones, as opposed to ones that smelled like bug spray.

"Anything else?" Blaine asked, pulling Kurt back towards him once he was resituated on the bed. His eyes were twinkling and Kurt knew if he didn't shut him up, Blaine would start suggesting other crazy requests, killing the mood.

Kurt didn't allow him the chance, pushing Blaine backwards and straddling his thighs. "Yes, actually. I – I want to make you come first."

Kurt could feel Blaine suck in a breath as he ran his palms down Blaine's chest. Blaine had this habit of not being able to keep his hands (or his mouth) to himself the instant they were alone together. Which - Kurt wasn't complaining one bit. He knew Blaine got off on getting Kurt off. He had no doubts, ever since the one day a few weeks back, when Blaine's eyes grew wide, shyly asking if Kurt really thought about him when he touched himself. This usually resulted in Kurt coming first, Blaine so wound up, he came almost the instant Kurt's hands were on him. Not that Kurt lasted incredibly longer, but today - Kurt had plans. He wanted to make sure he got to explore Blaine just as much as Blaine got to explore him.

And explore he did. Kurt made sure to hit every spot he'd discovered during their make out sessions and found a few more to add to the list (there was a spot on Blaine's rib cage that made Blaine whimper, and if Kurt wasn't so worried about hickeys since Blaine spent so much time with his shirt off, he definitely would have given it even more attention). By the time he was far enough down Blaine's torso to place a kiss just under Blaine's belly button, Blaine was begging Kurt to pull his boxers off and touch him.

Kurt obliged, taking a moment to must look once they were discarded on the floor. Technically, he'd seen Blaine naked of course, but this was the only time it had been in daylight (or, close enough), and he really, really couldn't help himself. There were so many things Kurt wanted to say - how amazing Blaine looked, for example - but what he ended up bursting out was, "I want to use my mouth instead of my hands." He tried not to wince at how awkward it had come out, but it was true - he really, really wanted to. "I mean, is that okay?"

"Yeah," Blaine replied, nodding frantically and Kurt almost laughed. "So okay - but you don't have to, you know that, right?"

Kurt nodded back, not as frantic but just as enthusiastic, as he crawled up to kiss Blaine's lips "Of course. I want to, though, I really do. You look amazing, Blaine."

Kurt glided back down Blaine's body and drew in a deep breath, trying to exude a little bit of confidence, even though he had no clue what he was doing. He could do this. He wanted to do this. Just try to breathe normally and not choke, he thought to himself. Kurt placed a kiss on the very tip of Blaine's cock, and it didn't feel all that different from the rest of his skin, except maybe smoother. He sunk his mouth down a little, taking just the tip in, getting used to the weight of it on his tongue. He could hear Blaine gasp above him, and he wished he could multitask enough to keep his mouth working while he watched Blaine's face. "So good, Kurt," Blaine murmured, resting a hand on Kurt's hair as he bobbed his head a little experimentally. Kurt could feel his jaw start to ache after only a few minutes, but he almost didn't mind it, Blaine's breathy exhales egging him on.

Kurt could feel Blaine straining so he wouldn't move his hips, but his strength finally gave out, and they stuttered forward just barely as Kurt sunk down to take him deeper for the first time. Kurt pulled back coughing as Blaine blabbered an apology. When Kurt found his voice, he shushed him. "You didn't choke me," he whispered, his voice a little harsh from his throat being open for so long. "Just - I'll stick to less ambitious moves from now on," he added with a smirk.

Blaine's cock was slick from Kurt's mouth, so he gripped a hand around the base of it, his mouth concentrating on the head (which, Blaine seemed to like just as much and there was no risk of accidental chokage). Kurt ran his tongue over Blaine's slit, where there was a bit of precome, and he couldn't help but groan at the contact. It was an odd taste, sure, something to get used to, but somehow, it was very Blaine. He picked up the pace a little, the taste on his tongue egging him on somehow, and soon Blaine was pulling at his hair, which, hey, actually felt kind of good.

"Kurt, I'm -" Blaine started to say, and Kurt realized he was about to come. He pulled off and worked Blaine through the rest of the way with his hand and watched Blaine's eyes screw shut just before he came, Kurt's name on his lips, and Kurt wasn't sure if he'd ever get over that, the way Blaine called out his name every time, just before his orgasm hit him.

"Alright?" Kurt asked bashfully as he wiped his hand on the sheets and crawled up towards the pillows to be next to Blaine.

Blaine somehow had it in him to roll his eyes. "That was way more than alright." He leaned over to kiss Kurt, tongue slipping in his mouth, which Kurt realized must taste a little like Blaine's dick, and he wondered halfheartedly if Blaine could tell. "Maybe I should show you myself how alright is not even in the realm of words used to describe what just happened."

Kurt quirked an eyebrow at Blaine. "I certainly wouldn't stop you." The second the words were out of his mouth, Blaine had flipped them and was shimmying down Kurt's body to return the favor.

To say Blaine was happy when his family returned would be a lie.

Not to say it wasn’t nice. Blaine’s parents arrived back home Wednesday night, bringing his brother with them, which was always a nice surprise. The Andersons and the Hudson-Hummels spent the next few days together, eating and laughing and just spending quality time, even setting off fireworks for the 4th of July.

Unfortunately, all of the extra bodies meant that Blaine and Kurt weren’t left alone for a single second.

“Maybe we should just tell everybody,” Blaine half-whined late one night on the phone with Kurt. “At least then I’d get to kiss you.”

“Shh, no!” Kurt hissed on his end at Blaine’s words. “Finn and Carole will be gone in a week, and things will go back to the way they were.”

They both paused for a minute, the heaviness of Kurt’s words hanging in the air even though his tone was light. What if that was the problem? What if Blaine didn’t want things to just go back to the way they were? Not next week and not at the end of the summer. What if Kurt did?

Blaine couldn’t get a word out, so luckily, Kurt broke the silence. “Blaine,” he said, trying for scolding but coming out more pitying. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Kurt,” Blaine replied, failing in his attempt to keep his voice even as it cracked on the tail end. Crap. “I just – you’re my best friend. I don’t want to screw this up.”

“You won’t.” Kurt’s words rushed out of his mouth, as if he couldn’t console Blaine fast enough. “I know you won’t. Neither of us will.” Kurt laughed nervously before adding, “God, we went about this a little backwards, didn’t we?”

“See why I’m worried about screwing things up?” Blaine said, laughing himself. “It’s just – these past few days, our families together. It’s where I belong, Kurt. With you. I don’t want this to end when we leave this year.”

He could hear Kurt breathe in deeply on the other end of the line. “Yeah?” Kurt asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Blaine confirmed. “What – what do you want out of this, Kurt?” Because I just stuck my heart out on the line and a little something back would be appreciated so I don’t freak out unnecessarily.

“I want the same. I want – more than this summer,” Kurt said, exhaling the breath he’d been holding. “Westerville and Lima aren’t that far away, right?”

“Oh, good,” Blaine said, practically sighing with relief, “because I think I’m kind of in love with you.”

Another pause. Shit, shit, shit. That was NOT how he intended that to come out. He’d been thinking it, sure, but he wanted to tell Kurt in person at least.

“Kurt, that came out wrong,” Blaine blurted out at the same time Kurt started with, “Blaine, are you –“ Kurt stopped mid-sentence at his words, and great, now he had Kurt thinking it wasn’t true.

Blaine groaned slightly before continuing. “All I meant to say was – I don’t think, I know. Kurt, I love you.”

One more pause, but the shortest one yet, before Kurt was saying softly, I love you, too back to him.

Blaine couldn’t help sighing with relief and giggling a little, and Kurt joined in. “I didn’t want to tell you over the phone. I really wish I could kiss you right now.”

“I wish I could more than kiss you,” Kurt admitted with his own sigh, and they joined in laughter once more. “I could sneak over?” Kurt offered, but Blaine started shaking his head, even though Kurt couldn’t see him.

“Both my dad and Cooper are light sleepers. We’d wake them up getting you to my room.” As the words came out of his mouth, he knew Kurt was right – if they told their parents they might never get any alone time again. “I guess that’s why they invented masturbation,” he said, trying to joke, but the line came out a little sad instead. That’s when it hit him.

“You could – you could tell me instead of showing me,” Blaine said hopefully, and he could hear Kurt suck in another sharp breath. “I know, it’s kind of weird, especially since you’re just next door, but –“

“No, I could – I can do that,” Kurt breathed out and he heard rustling on the other end. “Just – give me a minute.”

Holy shit, they were actually going to do this. “Take your time,” Blaine replied, a little strangled, as he rushed to his bathroom to grab the lube. He flopped back onto the bed, hearing Kurt getting comfortable himself on the other end.

“I – god.” Blaine could hear Kurt huffing, trying to get himself psyched up. “If I’m really awkward, I’m sorry.”

“You’ll be fine, baby,” Blaine cooed, the pet name rolling off his tongue before he could even think. “Is – is that weird? Sorry, it just came out.”

“No!” Kurt exclaimed, a little loudly, and cleared his throat before continuing. “No, I … I like it.” Blaine could picture Kurt then, flushed and pink, partially embarrassed but his desire winning out, eyes dark and lips slightly parted. “Alright, um … try and be quiet, I don’t want you to wake anyone up. Finn sleeps like a log and my dad and Carole are too far away in their room, I think.”

“Okay,” Blaine whispered back. Hopefully, the same was true for his parents, and if Cooper heard anything, he could play it off like he was just jerking off alone. It wouldn’t have been the first time Cooper had caught him.

“Okay,” Kurt repeated, breathing kind of heavily into the phone and Blaine half wondered if he was doing it on purpose. “Okay, if I were there in person – I’d start out kissing you, really kissing you, because I’m glad we’ve done … everything else, but I still love kissing you.”

“Mmmm, me too,” Blaine hummed into the phone, his voice barely audible. Blaine reached down to touch himself then, and he was surprised he was already a little hard, Kurt had barely said anything. He grunted a little at the realization and he heard Kurt gasp on the other end.

“Blaine are you – are you already touching yourself?” Kurt’s voice went high pitched and breathy, and Blaine only grunted in affirmation as a response. “God, that’s … really hot.” Blaine heard Kurt’s breathing become a bit more erratic, and only when it steadied did he continue. “I could kiss you forever. In fact, when Carole and Finn and Cooper finally leave, I think that’s what we should do, go off somewhere and just let me kiss you for hours.”

Kurt groaned a little at the end of his sentence, and that was all Blaine needed to know Kurt was touching himself too. “God, yes, please,” Blaine whispered into the phone as he gripped himself harder, but not hard enough to get him where he needed to be, and he wedged his phone between his shoulder and his ear, using the newly-freed hand to scramble for the lube in the sheets. He coated his hand and cried out softly with relief when he wrapped it around his dick again.

Blaine,” Kurt breathed out, sounding slightly scandalized but mostly turned on. “You should – just you should hear yourself.”

“I can hear you and that’s way better,” Blaine countered, gasping as he twisted his hand under the head of his cock. Kurt had done that the second time they’d gotten off together, and wasn’t a stretch for Blaine to imagine it was Kurt’s hand instead of his own, especially with Kurt breathing heavily in his ear. “This is – this is what you do to me, baby, you turn me on so much.”

“God, same, you’re just –“ Kurt trailed off, and Blaine loved him like this, loved getting Kurt flustered. “I wouldn’t just kiss your mouth,” Kurt added, a little rushed, and Blaine hoped the speed of his words was proportional to the speed his hand was moving. Kurt probably looked amazing when he touched himself, and why hadn’t they done that in any of the free time they’d had? Blaine had an overwhelming urge to just watch, watch the faces Kurt would make and the way his stomach would tense and how his hand would grip his cock tightly, his hips moving uncontrollably.

Kurt had fallen silent aside from his ragged breathing, so Blaine decided to egg him on. “Where, please tell me where,” Blaine said frantically, his hips jerking forward in time with his hand, and he was pretty sure this would be the quickest phone sex in the history of mankind, but he really didn’t care.

Everywhere,” Kurt practically moaned, the tone of Kurt’s voice sending shivers down Blaine’s spine. “Down your neck and your chest and that spot on your ribcage … and …” Kurt suppressed a moan from escaping from his throat. “And lower,” he finally whispered, Blaine just barely hearing him. “God, Blaine, I wish I could taste you, have you in my mouth again –“

Kurt let out another strangled moan, and Blaine realized he was close. “Come on, baby, I want to hear you come.”

“Yeah?” Kurt whined, and Blaine was close, so close, but he knew hearing Kurt come was what would push him over the edge.

“Yeah, I’m right here, come on,” Blaine whispered.

Kurt whispered right back, “Oh, Blaine,” just as his orgasm hit him, and Blaine was right, Kurt’s high-pitched whines as he came were just what Blaine needed to hear to quickly follow suit.

“So,” Kurt mused after a few minutes of silence other than their exhausted breathing.

“So not awkward,” Blaine mumbled, his eyes heavy with sleep. He really wished Kurt were there – not that he hadn’t wished before, but he wanted most of all to curl up next to him and sleep, limbs messy and tangled together. He wondered if they’d ever get that chance.

“Well, it was maybe a little awkward,” Kurt said with a soft chuckle. “We’ll get better though, being so far apart once we leave here.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Blaine said, following his words with a massive yawn. The boys quickly exchanged goodnights and I love yous before ending their call, Blaine tossing his phone on the opposite side of the bed.

Blaine was almost asleep when he heard shuffling coming from the hall, which made no sense. He’d shut his door, right? He gingerly opened one eye to see Cooper standing in his open doorway, eating ice cream from the container.

“Oh my god,” Blaine groaned. How long had he been there?

“So,” Cooper said conversationally, as if he didn’t just walk in on Blaine jerking off to his secret boyfriend on the phone. “Someone special?”

Blaine found it within him to wrap the quilt around his waist and get up to shove Cooper out the door, closing it behind him.

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