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05 May 2015 @ 02:34 pm
Everything is listed with the newest first, aside from verses, which are in chronological order. It's probably not 100% accurate either, but hey, I try. (Tags & AO3 work too, if that's easier.)

18 February 2013 @ 08:24 pm
Title First & Last
Rating PG-13
Word Count 3,536
Summary Kurt wonders if Blaine will be his first love, his last love, his only. He knows it’s silly to think that way. You don’t end up with your first love. Life is too complicated for that. But still, everyone hopes, right? Everyone’s silly and young and hopes. - The story of two first dates.
Notes For heidiisdisney at fandomaid. Vague references to 4.14.

Blaine asks Kurt out on their first date hours after their first kiss, back when they’re both at home over hushed conversations on their cell phones. They’re already up far too late for a school night, but they’re overwhelmed with emotion and can’t seem to say goodnight.Collapse )
13 February 2013 @ 02:58 pm
Title Swing Into Flight 2/2
Rating NC-17
Word Count 9,173
Summary Blaine’s heart wants to make promises of more, promises he doesn’t know if he can keep, so he says nothing, simply sliding his lips against Kurt’s again, hoping Kurt understands how he feels. The sex & the aftermath. (Famous!Blaine & high school!Kurt AU. Age difference & all that jazz.)
Notes Thanks to Kerry, Jenny, and Carrie for the hand-holding and talking through and betaing once again.

Part One

Blaine makes his way across the room, trying to think quickly on his feet. He’s had a few hours with Kurt, a few hours he’s hoping to turn into a few more, and that’s probably all they’ll ever get.Collapse )
07 February 2013 @ 10:59 am
Title Swing Into Flight 1/2
Rating R
Word Count 9,970
Summary At first, Blaine thinks it’s crazy to play three shows in Ohio. Sure, it’s his home state, but are Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland all really necessary? It doesn’t matter, because in the end, Ohio is where Blaine spots him. The elusive boy who manages to avoid him almost entirely despite coming to all three concerts.
Warnings Age difference (17/22), frottage whee
Notes (Inspired by this gifset [gifs from tonight's ep within link] and Megan's prompts - Happy birthday Megan!) Thanks to Kerry, Jenny, and Carrie for the hand-holding and betaing. Also thanks to Howie Day who I stole and changed lyrics from to make one of Blaine's songs when I realized I wasn't a song writer, and to Kerry in that regard too. The second half of this should be up next week.

Blaine first sees him in Cincinnati, off to the right of the stage with a whole group of kids who went all out costume-wise (they all look high school aged, which means he’s probably as young as he looks, pity), though his is obviously the best.Collapse )
Ttitle The One Where Darren Pretends To Be A Cheerio
Rating PG-13
Word Count 2,606
Pairings Darren/Chris, Chris/Lea friendship, minor talk of Lea/Cory
Summary ... and sends Chris videos. Yeah. What it says on the tin.
Notes It was either post with this title or not post until tomorrow. Enjoy? :D

Chris really enjoys his new filming schedule with Glee. It allows him to focus his energy on his other projects more evenly, as opposed to having to attempt to write in his trailer or, even worse, actually on set when Chord is testing out impressions on Mark loudly in the background.Collapse )
Ttitle Part of That {A Consonance & Dissonance Thanksgiving}
Rating NC-17
Word Count 4,630
Warnings Mild foodplay
Series Summary AU in which Blaine is four years older than Kurt and therefore they never meet at Dalton. Kurt ends up at OSU instead of in NYC, where Blaine is a grad-student-turned-professor, and also the object of Kurt's crushing his sophomore and junior years.
Story Summary Kurt invites his and Blaine's families to their home in Brooklyn a few weeks after their wedding, and he might not have thought everything through. Two deleted scenes from the series reincarnated.
Notes So, yeah, yeah, I was done. Then, valentina_says had a birthday coming up and I wanted to write something domestic-y for her, and C&D has gotten over 250 spam comments in the last month, so it's been on my mind. These were supposed to be part of the series in another way, but they didn't fit, so here they are. Thank the spammers and Miss V, I suppose ;) Now I can say their story is truly done. I suppose you could read this without reading the rest of the series but you'll wonder who the heck everyone in Blaine's family is, since this was started in the summer before S3 and Cooper didn't exist. This took almost a month to finish, because November seems to be the month of sickness and my body hating me, so it's a bit late, but happy birthday, lovely ♥
Additional Note Also (this has already gotten really long whoops), eight days ago was my two year fic-iversary in this fandom, and in the past two years I've written an ungodly amount of words about these stupid boys. The fic community is why I haven't up and left even when I've been frustrated, even when I've wanted to. I'm really thankful for the lovely, lovely people this fandom has brought me because of fic. Since I will probably never write anything that will top C&D, you can consider this a thank you to you as well. ;)

Kurt Hummel was possibly a little bit crazy. Blame it on the fact that he was high on love when he invited everyone back to New York for Thanksgiving, a mere six weeks after his and Blaine’s wedding.Collapse )
01 November 2012 @ 02:48 pm
Title Shatter The Walls For A New Sun 10/10
Rating PG-13
Word Count 1,600/54,100
Summary AU in which Blaine was raised by highly religious parents and escapes to NYC with Quinn, moving in next door to Rachel and Kurt. (Alternately: Bible!Blaine meets NYC!Kurt. Shit happens.)
Notes This is it! Excuse me while I get all verklempt. Thanks for spending this hiatus with me during my form of fluff therapy, hopefully it helped some of y'all too ;) That's the only way I can explain 50k in a month while also being sick is fluff therapy. So much for NaNo this year. Here's everything in a PDF download if anyone wants that, other downloads are at AO3. I also am NEVER this cheesy-schoompy-fluffy with my endings, but again, blame the fluff therapy, and for these boys, it works. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for all of your kind words if I've somehow missed you, you all truly are the best ♥

Read more...Collapse )
31 October 2012 @ 03:48 pm
Title Shatter The Walls For A New Sun 9/10
Rating NC-17
Word Count 4,400/52,500
Summary AU in which Blaine was raised by highly religious parents and escapes to NYC with Quinn, moving in next door to Rachel and Kurt. (Alternately: Bible!Blaine meets NYC!Kurt. Shit happens.)
Notes There are two lists talked about in this chapter, which I've actually handwritten out and scanned and linked. If you don't want to click on them when you're reading, I've relinked them for you at the end. :) Also, because I have migraine brain, thanks to colfer for the help on this chapter.

If ever asked what his favorite season is, Kurt always says fall. Mainly for the fashions, of course - coats, boots, scarves, the first chance to change up a wardrobe after a long, hot summer, the first hint of crispness in the air.Collapse )
26 October 2012 @ 03:47 pm
Title Shatter The Walls For A New Sun 8/10
Rating NC-17
Word Count 6,000/48,100
Summary AU in which Blaine was raised by highly religious parents and escapes to NYC with Quinn, moving in next door to Rachel and Kurt. (Alternately: Bible!Blaine meets NYC!Kurt. Shit happens.)
Notes I ... have nothing to say. :D Hoping to get the last two parts up either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday! Thanks everyone who has been reading ♥

Kurt doesn’t have to wait long to find out what Rachel’s up to. The following week, she drags him to dinner on Sunday while Quinn and Blaine are doing their thing, and he can’t deny he’s curious.Collapse )